Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ok, who wants to try these?

My kids and I get a big kick out of trying really weird and wacky stuff from time to time. Sometimes I will take them (yeah, all of them....all six of them) to the store and I will stop in front of a food or foods, that they haven't tried before, or something they haven't had in a while that maybe only one of them liked.
Well, this time...wanna guess what's in the picture? Ok, you don't have to, I'll just tell ya! It's oysters! I know, I know...they are really weird looking AND they smell really wacky, but the kids said that they are almost like tuna or salmon! Huh? Me? No, no I didn't try them. Huh? Oh, no, no, I was full! ;-)
Now while this is lots and lots of fun....with five boys and one girl-- its not just fun, its a hoot!
(One of the boys got grossed out, one didn't try them at all, and the girl, well she ate more than her brothers! 'magine that?! She loved them with crackers!)
It also serves some other purposes. .... we get to try new foods -and hey, you never know where God might place them some day! They could end up in Africa getting served the head of the goat or something?!?!! ...This makes for good practice! :-)
I also think it will help them to be more open to trying different things throughout their lives. You never know, what if they visit France one day? They might actually love escargot!?!??


Superchikk said...

That's a pretty fun idea. My guy is just 19 months and doesn't eat some "normal" things, depending on what day of the week it is, so that might be a little over our heads right now. But I love the idea and will definitely file it away for later!

Joy said...

Yeah good idea but I don't think I could try those eithers..I love seafood but not oysters I can't get past the smell and slime!

shopannies said...

this is great you are introducing them to things so that when they come up to the item they will allready know what to expect