Saturday, April 25, 2009


I keep a bucket in the freezer for leftover dark-colored beans, tomato sauces, etc. The other day I had lots of leftover taco meat, so I used my handy dandy freezer bucket to make just enough chili for Chili Cheese Fries! A big hit with the kiddies for sure! The chili ingredients were leftovers that typically would have been thrown out, the fries were .99 for the whole bag, and the cheese was a bit pricey as it was raw cheese, but all in all, still another frugal lunch, under $5!


Joy said...

Sounds very yummy for sure!
Where did you find raw cheese or did you make it?

Donna said...

At the Kroger!:-)
It's pricey though!
I stretch it as farrrr as possible!