Monday, April 13, 2009

My Kids Favorite Kind of Oats...

Pinhead or Steel Cut Oats!
They are better known around here as "Bug Oats"- Cuz they kinda feel like a bug in your teeth- at least that's what some boys think! ;-)
But these can be soaked as you would rolled oats and they really are tasty and nicely textured!
You use 3/4 cup of water per 1/4 cup oats.
You can soak overnight with a little lemon juice, whey, yogurt, or buttermilk added.
My kids don't like the sour of the dairy as well so I usually use lemon juice.


Niki said...

these are our faves too. I have been making them in the crockpot but they are a little more mushy than I would like. I do like a little firmness to them so I only do that when we are having a busy morning. Another thing I do is freeze the little leftovers and when enough has accumulated I make a big batch of baked oatmeal.

Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

I love steel cut oats. :)

Joy said...

Where do you get your steel cut oats? I think the only thing I have ever bought was old fashioned ones not the quick ones.
I love baked oatmeal but haven't been able to find a "healthy" version the only ones I have found have so much sugar in them and while I still bake it because the kids love it so much and it is a good hot breakfast I don't eat it myself.

Donna said...

They can be found at Kroger in the health food section and Good Shepherd! They are squishy in your teeth!