Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The State of the Church...

This is not working for me on Wednesday, so I likely won't link it and if you don't want to read this, you don't have to! ;-)

But I am a bit aggravated this day, as some prepare to go to church, while others try to plan a lesson to have 'church at home''.

Here's some things that have my feathers ruffled today:

-A lady goes to an Easter dinner at a church and discovers a man in a wheelchair just sitting. She ask was anyone helping him and was told that another lady was going to. Upon scanning the room, she finds that lady, eating and making merry! While the man sits in the wheelchair. I guess Mat 25:40 doesn't apply anymore or perhaps their preacher has never taught that?

-A church has $50,000 in their bank account and they helped ONE family in their community. A total of like $300 was spent in one year for their "benevolence fund". Guess (Mat 19:21) and giving to the poor is out to?

-A woman rededicates her life to the Lord. She becomes a true soul-winner and has gotten nearly 2 dozen people saved. (How many has your preacher gotten saved in the last 5 years?) and she asks her church if she can use the church to have a Bible study with them. They refuse.
Guess Mat 28:19-20 just doesn't really apply today?

-A lady shares a song and there are words in the song about "being saved". The hearer has never heard nor understands what "being saved" means. Does anyone ever here this text preached anymore; John 4:35-38?

-Another lady desires to share the Gospel more but doesn't feel like she can welcome them to her church. Perhaps she needs to think about this verse James 2:3, and consider that her church may feel the opposite is really true?

-A family prayerfully considers where to send a large offering. 2 Tim 4:2-5 is studied through. They desire to make sure what they have will go towards REAL ministry, but will they be able to find a place that follows those guidelines in 2Tim?



Marnie said...

Maybe you are in the wrong church. Come here. New people are being saved weekly in my church. They are then discipled and guided into a deeper relationship with Christ. We have a food bank where church members are bringing in loads of goods each week to help needy families (which there are quite a few in our own congregation). My pastor and his wife both and a passion for Christ and deep love love for Him that is made very apparent to the congregation. The word is taught very thoroughly and in love.

Come on will be welcome!

Donna said...

If I lived close enough- I'd be there with bells on and 6 kids in tow.

Some of the 'stories' I told are in other states, not just here in TN. This is supposed to be the Bible Belt, perhaps the belt has moved to your area! :-)

I would love to see more good soul-winning churches! And churches that are reaching out to the hurting in the community.

I know people from here to Texas that are driving an hour ONE WAY to go to a Bible Church!

So glad to hear that you have one to call Home!

Joy said...

It is very sad what is happening in the church world and it is getting harder and harder to find a good true KJV Bible Believing Preaching church.
I think though that we will never find and "ideal" "perfect" church because all a church consist of is sinners saved by grace. No where you will attend will ever be perfect and do everything the way we think it should be done.
There are still good churches out there and yes you may have to compromise to drive a while, but not your beliefs. If I went to church just for the people I would never go! I go not for me but for "HIM". We have much to be prayerful for this day and time, I truly believe we are on the threshold of the Lords return.
Its a pity that so many are just "playing" church these days.
When are people going to learn church is not a place for saints but a hospital for sinners.
You should come visit our church too sometime!
My nephew got saved on Easter Sunday WHAT A BLESSING!!!
Sometimes just hearing what has happened to others can dishearten us and ever cause bitterness, but just know that those churches don't reflect all churches and you know we have never went to church in our home town ever! We have always drove at least 30-45 minutes to church and now we drive 120 miles sometimes a little more every sunday. Christ endured oh so much more for us, whats a little time in order to go to a bible preaching church?
Very good thought provoking post today Donna!

Donna said...

Wonderful to hear that about your nephew!
Praise the Lord!

Oh I know there are good churches out there...but my heart breaks knowing that they have to be searched out! Ya know?

...Another church just decided that they would play basket ball and have recreational fun on Wednesday instead of have church!

A Simple Country Girl said...

I stopped by your blog by way of Heavenly Homemakers after I read a comment you recently left there...I left a comment under the identity of Simple Raw Food Mamma, but I am also A Simple Country Girl too.

Your blog is a nice place to visit and it is so pretty. Your post today really struck fire with me too. Others need to see your passion and your desire for the whole Truth. You keep on stoking the fires so your flame burns bright in this dark world!

Blessings on your day.

Organized Nutrition said...

THANKS so much Donna for an EYE opening post...
PS> the link you gave at my post about baby fever isn't working... could it be wrong???

Donna said...

I'll email the links to you! :-)