Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Several months ago, my oldest ds asked me about several things as he began planning and wondering about his future. I had thought for years and years that I would advise him along the same lines as had been laid out for me...turn 16, get a job, get license, get auto insurance, and get a job and help fund those things! (particularly insurance, mm hmm- not cheap for a teen!)

Well, he turned 16, and the Lord worked some miracles for him and he was able to get a truck and insurance-- but he wasn't allowed to just run anywhere. In fact, he was a little bummed out at first because he thought I was just going to let him go I think-- he should have known better than that but.... I couldn't bring myself to just throw him out into the big world with all sorts of people (home school kids are sheltered you know?).

I prayed that God would put Him in just the right place, with believers, good people, not bad examples for a young person.

Well, God opened a grrrreat door for Him! A door that I had not given much thought to at all really. (We moms-- we think we have it alllll figured out! ;-)

He began volunteering at our community's Volunteer Fire Department which also means that he is a 'first responder' in our area. (If you are like me and you didn't know what this means once upon a time, first responders are the people that are usually part of the 'emergency team' that reach the 'scene' before anyone else because they are in the area- wrecks, health issues of an urgent nature, fires, etc.)

Well, it has exposed him to so many things:
- A bad wreck- that helped him see how a mistake behind the wheel could really be costly! (Not to mention he was able to help two young children be "entertained" while their mother was being treated. Yah for them that he has younger siblings!)
- First-aid classes, always great information to know!
- CPR training, again, a great thing to know!
- A couple of fires- where he saw a young man make a mistake that he learned from! (Keep all gear on when dealing with fire, heat, and smoke!)
-He saw death- and the reality that we will leave these bodies one day. A very painful thing, and some young folks would not be cut out for it, but- my little boy grew up a little more that day and he learned a good lesson that day. We are not invincible and there is a life after this one and our hope in Christ is such a great gift!
- He's around several different age groups and this is exposing him to many different ideas about career choices. Things that he would not have considered prior to this exposure.
- He's also exposed to some really great men. Men who give of themselves and their free time, to do all they can to preserve another's life or another's home. (That is far more precious to me than him earning his own keep right now!)
I'm grateful that God gave him this opportunity for this season in his life!
God knows the end from the beginning and I trust He will continue to direct our paths!

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Organized Nutrition said...

WOW, that whole story gave me wonderful chills! I can only hope for those things for my children as they COME OF AGE!!!