Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One lonely little cookie......

....was all that was left out of a whole batch!Nothing spells fun and closeness like C.O.O.K.I.E.
When I bake a batch of cookies, the whole crew gathers in the eat them as fast as I can scrape them from the cookie sheet!
I love it!
I love turning around and having them all waiting there!
...ah, the smell of cookies baking does it every time!


Joy said...

I love this too! The only thing I don't love is feeling like I must eat some too! My kids and dh all say "come on mom eat one" then my dh says its not worth eating if you can't enjoy them too...whats a girl to do?
those look yummy by the way..what kind were they?

Donna said...

I know...I know! I ate one while they were eating them as fast as I could bake them....then I ate this THIS TIME I did pretty good! :-)

They were chocolate chip with crispy walnuts! (DH loves nuts in his cookies and half the kids do...but when I use "crispy nuts"(NT) no one complains as the nuts are soft!)