Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shopping notes....

Ground beef was not on a REAL sale anywhere that I could find this week.
Remember several weeks back, I told you about getting 30 pounds of ground beef when it was on sale at $1.29 per pound?!? Well, as you can imagine, its long gone!
Soooo....I called the butcher at the local grocery that will cut meat for free and ask him a few questions!
What was the cheapest beef on sale this week?
Could it be ground?
Cut into steaks?
What's the best deal on chicken this week?
Could I pre-order and have it ready for pick-up?
So, here's what come of it:
$40 worth of sirloin tip roast= 9 roasts!
$10 worth of ground sirloin= 5 large meatloaves
$11 worth of boneless, skinless chicken breasts- chicken for 6 soups or casseroles or wraps!
So that's like $3 per meal, which leaves room for the veggies..not bad!
-The best part was watching DH drool as I opened my big cooler bag and showed him all of my dainties!-
(Next time, I will ask for a couple of roasts to be sliced up for small steaks!)


Lori said...

Donna, that is EXCELLENT!! Don't ya just love it??!! I'm excited for ya!!

Joy said...

Wow that is really good! I have never become aquainted with a butcher yet.. I always seem shy..but I need to do this as well. Great going Donna! You are so diligent in the grocery department and I am sure everywhere else in your life.
Thanks for sharing!