Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A-washing we will go. A-washing we will go....

For our Bible lesson today, I had the kids dig out of the "rag bag" for old socks!

Then I told them to bring them outside as we worked around the yard and get them as dirty as possible! Which they thought was big fun!

Then we studied a little about the Exodus in the Old Testament, and we also learned a little from a history book about how they might have lived during that time. We read some about what they would have likely had for dinner and then how they likely washed their clothes! (Suddenly they began to wonder if they had perhaps went to far in getting their sock dirty! ;-)

They were then excited to find that we were going to get the big water jug out and use it and a little mixture to wash their socks in-- nothing like water to perk a kid up!

The little mixture was made of olive oil and baking soda. (The book said they would use plant ash, something like baking soda...I don't know what plant ash would be so....baking soda ruled!)

They made a "soap" by mixing the oil and soda. One of them claimed that if he dipped his finger in the oil and held it in the sun that it got hot- 'magine that! Roasted fingers!

But anyway, they went on to rub the dab of mixture into their sock, dampened them with a little water, and continued to scrub. Didn't take long for them to be thankful for good ole bleach!

Then we took the big water jug and "rinsed" the socks.

Oh water! Love love love water!

Rinsing and wringing and rinsing and ringing...

Didn't take long before they became very thankful for the good ole washing machine!

But we had fun learning just how thankful we really should be!

Got clean socks?

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Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I read about a sock adventure quite some time ago. It was to run around in your socks, say in the woods or something, then keep them wet to see what would sprout. The seeds would stick to the socks. I don't recall where I saw it, but it was a long time ago!

Donna said...

Sounds like my kinda fun!

Organized Nutrition said...

OH, what fun! My 2nd sons socks always look like that and I don't say RUN AROUND OUTSIDE in them! Nice arches that kid of yours has though! WINK ;-)

Amy said...

What a wonderful, creative lesson! :)

My WFMW post today is all about how to make a diaper cake for a baby gift. It's fun and easy! :)

Rachel R. said...

Plant ash - probably literally ashes from burning plants. That's where lye comes from. Lye + oil, when heated together = soap. (A chemical reaction takes place that changes those two ingredients into soap. Don't try to use just the lye, or it will burn you!) In the "old days," they got lye by letting water run through wood ashes.

Donna said...

Thank you RachelR!
I was hoping someone would explain that!!!

Lori said...

Isn't it just great being a homeschooler? That sounds like it was alot of fun...nothing like hands on learning, is there? :)

Holli said...

sounds like a great idea! what book was that from? i'd love to get it for my daughter.

Donna said...

The book was called "Old Testament Days" and it is a teacher/activity guide by Nancy L. Sanders; published in 1999.

It has lots of neat things in it!~

Storm said...

Great lesson.