Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a few current sales in our area.....

strawberries .99-16 oz
bananas: .45 lb
-and as normal, eggs .49 dz

50# potatoes 7.99
lettuce .69
squash 69 lb
tuna .69
bostons .89lb
5lb white lily 1.69
ground beef 1.29
chicken tenders 1.49
3# onions .99
GM cereals 1.69
Wampler Sausage 1.69
(remember: Leo's will cut and grind as much meat as you like and anyway you like)

Birds Eye and Kroger frozen veggies 10 for 10 (good price to stock up on 16oz pkgs)
mangos .68

Food Lion:
yellow or white nectarines .99
cokes 3/9
store brand pasta .89 16oz
(the new store is pricey but they have a very good produce section and also offer quite a few organic and 'health food' products)

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