Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goofin' around in the kitchen with sourdough...

This is my latest experiment. I'm trying to play with some sourdough!
This is some I made using white flour. When I get the recipe tweaked, and master it with both flours (hopefully), I will try to get it typed up.
The kids liked this and you could certainly taste the sour in it, but I don't have it down to an art yet.!
The starter is very simple; 1 cup of buttermilk and 1 cup of plain flour.
And you simply leave it at room temperature for 4 or 5 days, stirring once daily.
Now, to get it working predictably!.....Not quite as simple!


M&M&M said...

Any follow-up to this?

Donna said...

Thanks for asking....but I don't have it mastered just yet. I am still working with perfecting another starter. The one I used with the above was not very predictable :-)

I have an awesome recipe for sourdough bread that I've had for years...but sadly, I lost the getting one that works well is my goal right now.

If you have a starter...I could email you the bread recipe. Its with white flour. That's another thing...I want to work the recipe with wheat too! :-) ...but I have to work a starter up first.
My email is laptopmail(at) if you'd like the original recipe that I have.
But I will keep working on it and when I have a "tired and true" recipe- I will post it!
Thanks for asking!