Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Invisible/Inaudible Voice....

The last few days at my house, I think my voice has been invisible...or perhaps "selectively invisible"!

Here are some of the strange occurrences...perhaps some of you have experienced them as well and can offer some solutions. (I'm thinking megaphones, post-it notes, maybe sending text messages? I don't know what to do about it....)
To daughter:
"Pick this stuffed animal up, along with these coloring pages."
10 minutes later I find them on my computer.
To 9 year old:
"Pick up all the laundry that you've left behind the door in the front bathroom."
Day two:
"Pick up all the laundry that you've left behind the door in the front bathroom!"
On day three, I look behind the bathroom door and find a shirt.
DH says, "What's all the fuss about?"
Me; "I've told him 3 days in a row to pick up the dirty clothes in the bathroom and he has yet to get them all up."
Dh says; "Well, you kinda have to get his attention."
Hmm, Mom speaks, kids listen - I don't get it....
After supper to 12 year old;
"Since your not on dish duty, pick up the cups in the den."
At bedtime I'm handed an empty popcorn bowl that is running over with cups!
??? Hmm one plus one is still two, I don't know German, I know I'm speaking English, I know I am!
Friday evening, I tell DH the following;
"We are running to the Cookeville Walmart to pick up a few things. We won't be gone too long."
...When I get back I relay the following to DH;
"I went to the Walmart in Cookeville and they didn't have my dental stuff nor did they have your shampoo. I think they've stopped selling both of them there. I will have to get to the Algood Walmart soon and see if they have them."
DH calls ME from town Saturday;
"I'm at the Cookeville Walmart and I can't find my shampoo ANYWHERE! And what did you say that stuff was that you needed?"
I reply;
"They do not have it. I was just there yesterday and they don't have it."
"Why didn't you tell me you came here?"
Dh comes home and says;
"You need to be MORE CLEAR when you say things. I never heard you say anything about going to the Cookeville!"
"Why would I TRY to be more clear? No one hears what I'm saying anyway?"
His reply;
"Huh? What?"


Organized Nutrition said...

I totaly HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!
I cry about this all the time... and this is the CORE of what my husband and I fight about... me not being heard!!!!!!!! I am always like "NO ONE LISTENS TO ME... not the kids, not my mom, not some of my friends, not even my husband!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!"
WOW, so it isn't just me!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

lol Denai!

Perhaps we should have our vocal chords checked?

Organized Nutrition said...

WELL, when I yell in public, people turn to look... SOOO I am sure they are working... maybe my family has become DEAF to them?????

Wendy said...

Lol! I'm with you sister!! I get tuned out! And then they want to blame ME for not telling them or worse...I must have mumbled and they didn't hear me!!

Frugal in Florida said...

hehe. I always ask if I am intentionally being ignored or if it just happens?

Donna said...

Wendy and Frugal,
thanks for posting! Its so good to hear that there are other voiceless voices out there!!! :-)