Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WFMW- summer reading program!

We usually do the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library, but this year- the prizes tickled me to my toes!!!
Wanna guess?

Nope, not a free french fry from McD's!
Nope, not a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut!
Give up?

The children get to pick books! Yeah, their very own books!
The older two boys thought they were "too big" to do it, but the younger 4 thought it was great!
They got one free book each, just for signing up!
Wanna know what they picked?
Aesop's Fables
Corduroy Goes to the Doctor
If I Ran the Circus (Dr. Seuss)
Happy Birthday to You (Dr. Seuss)
How about you? What's Working For You this Works for Me Wednesday??


Organized Nutrition said...

I can't wait to sign my kids up... sign up is next monday... we might do it at 2 librarys since we frequent 2 of them!!!!!

{ L } said...

Ohhh, sounds fun!! Hooray for Summer Reading Programs! :)

Joy said...

We signed up too! We got a Cythnia Rylant,Tommie Depoala, and Magic School Bus Woo hoo!
We love it too!

Donna said...

Denai, You lucky ducky!

Thanks for posting L!

Sounds like you got some goodies too! Love your choices!!!

Storm said...

Since my children rarely win when doing the summer reading program at the library, I do my own program at home for reading over the summer.