Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Pop Makers...

We found these neat little things the other day. We had some years ago but they had been chewed on-- back in the day when I had teethers, ah! those were the good ole days! ;-)
But these are so handy on hot days and I get by with so much sneaking with these things!
2 of these had orange juice, and another had some juiced mixed with a yogurt blend, and the remaining ones have just a yogurt blend. The yogurt blend has plain yogurt, a good brand of juice, and a couple of tablespoons of cane sugar.
Sometimes I use leftover smoothies, sometimes I use juices, and I've even been known to mix up cranberry sauce with yogurt! Believe it or not, that's a favorite around here.
On a few occasions I've even smuggled different teas, from green tea to blueberry!


Joy said...

We love ours too, only thing when I make yogurt pops in them we can't hardly get them to come out the stick seems to always separate. Yours look really neat are they all attached?

Wendy said...

These are so cool!! Wished I could find some around here! My daughter LOVES popicles!

Donna said...

These are 2 separate trays. I bought them at WalMart for $1.50 each. They have already paid for themselves! And I love that I can control the sugar!!

One of these trays is rocket-shaped and the other is just a cylinder.

Joy, the yogurt is harder to get out. If I turn them upside down and run hot water over the tips until I see them pull loose, I can get them out pretty easy. But it takes a few minutes, longer than it does for just juice ones. :-)