Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A precious soul-winner.....

This week I continue to marvel at one precious lady that my DH is acquainted with through his work. During the past several months, the Lord has brought many people across her path. Many of them hurting, many of them struggling, many of them needy- and not even knowing it. (For most of us have been "needy" before we ever understood what our NEED truly was!)

But this dear lady understands! She has been giving these people exactly what they needed, even when it seemed that they didn't even want It!

As of my DH's last count, she has led fifty-five people to the Lord! I don't know whether to shout or cry......or rather weep!?!?!?!! Have I even told 55 people about the Lord Jesus in the last year? Its convicting, its uplifting, its joyous, all wrapped up in one!

But she has made such an impact on our home in many ways and I am so grateful! What a light she is for our Lord! What a gift she is to so many! I can hardly wait to hear how the Lord uses her next!
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Do you know Jesus? Do you know if your are saved? Do you know where you will spend eternity? Please click HERE.Or would you like a simple pattern on how to witness to someone? Here is the pattern that this dear lady is following, using only Scripture!

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She sounds like an amazing person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!