Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Working in some nourishing food...as condiments!

I have really enjoyed experimenting with many of the recipes from Nourishing Traditions. I feel like a mad scientist! The hard part is corralling my family!!!
Just the other day my DH walked in and asked what I was making and once I told him, he said; "I hope you're not funkifying something!" I looked at him and asked what he was talking about (as if I didn't know). He said; "I never know what you are going to do to stuff...like soak it in peanut butter.." I was too busy rolling in the floor to hear the end of the sentence!
But there is one fermented food that has gained some favor! Wanna guess which one? Yes, its simply kraut! I've been able to make it with sausage and that went over very well! They almost thought they were eating the REAL STUFF from a can! ;)
My oldest saw me putting it on sandwiches and hamburgers so he will now ask for it!
I've also tried putting just a tiny spoon of it on their plates with beans since some of them have eaten chow-chow that was slightly sour and loved it. My next plan is to serve it with turkey hot dogs. I just want to try an old "kraut and wienies" out on them, since I know that some of them like it!
Another thing that they have liked is the Ginger Ale recipe!
Now, if only I could win them over on the Gingered Carrots......sigh...
But, remembering to use them as "condiments" and noting that just a spoon or two will do...makes it much more do-able to work it in!
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How are some of you smuggling in your fermented or cultured foods???? :-)
I'm open to all forms of smuggling!


mub said...
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mub said...

Sheesh, I'll try not to push enter after only typing one letter this time ;)

I like the idea of using it as a condiment. I am wondering how it would taste on a cheese sandwich!

This recipe isn't exactly -sneaky- about the sauerkraut, but it's quite tasty- http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Paprika-Pork-Chops/Detail.aspx

Donna said...

Thank You!

I'm not sure how it would taste on a cheese sandwich but I have tried a similar recipe as the one you mentioned. DH liked it but kids didn't really but perhaps this one is just enough different that it might work!!! Thanks for the link to it! :-)