Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing in pickles....

I only have one cucumber plant that survived "the flood" at the beginning of spring.
Therefore, I likewise have few cukes!

Not surprisingly, my kids aren't exceptionally fond of plain ole cukes, so I tried my hand at pickling a few. My goal: just to see if the kids would eat some home-pickled pickles!
So, I gathered a few recipes and sorta worked a little from all of them!

I soaked the sliced cukes in (pickling) lime water, overnight, then drained and rinsed, and packed in ice for 4 hours.

Thereafter, I drained them, stuffed them in the jars and made "pickle (ing) juice".

I wanted to try sour because, well, this is a silly-dilly bunch!

So, I heated the following (approximates) in a pot to pour over the cukes:
about 3 cups vinegar
1.5 to 2 cups of water
about 1/4 cup salt
bay leaves
(dried) hot peppers- 3
5 slivered cloves of garlic
mustard seeds
and to a steeping bag (added during heating and removed):
ginger, dash of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, coriander, ground mustard, etc (well, I may have forgotten something)

I simmered this mix for a couple of minutes and then poured over the sliced cukes in the jars.
You can then process to seal or allow them to sit and cool and place in the refrigerator after cooled. ...and believe it or not, they were a hit, even with picky kidddy!

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