Monday, August 24, 2009

Daredevil mom: Chicken Feet

I've had sooo much fun over these things! First, all they way through the store the kids kept trying to take them out of the buggy and hide them. Then they kept dreaming up all the ways they thought I would trick them into eating them. Then there was the priceless look on their faces as the lady at the checkout told a story of old-timers deep-frying these and eating them whole! Crunch!
They went on to ask me if I had any idea where these feet had been and I told them to look at the feet- they looked sparkling clean! Nails and all! Probably just had a clawacure!
Nourishing Traditions says they make a great gelatinous broth, so that's where they are now- in the pot! But not before me using them to dance and trying to get one of the boys to take one to spook his brothers! hee hee hee Just kidding- well, sorta kidding. I did try to get the youngest to do it, but he would not and nearly ran out of the kitchen at the sight of a chicken foot coming towards him! ;-)


Joy said...

LOL that is so funny! Looks like a good bag of them! Where did you end up finding them? Let me know how the broth turns out! Reminds me I need to get some broth going in a day or two. Have you ever tried to can it instead of freezing? I thought about it so that I could just open the can and not have to defrost.
Do you make beef and veggie broth also? If so email me how you do them please! Hope you are all well, miss talking and seeing you guys we will have to get together soon!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

We were over a t a friends house & she had some in the freezer, so I was running around her house getting the boys with them. I sneaked up on Seb & "clawed" his neck with one. It was hilarious!

I have never seen them in the stores though....

Donna said...

I've had the best time with these!
The kids keep the jokes rolling and refuse to eat anything until I show them that the feet are still in the pot- then the beagles will get the remnants!

The broth is looking very good- milky! You know its going to be good when it turns a little white! :-)