Monday, August 24, 2009

Sassafras Tea....

I've been wanting to try some of this and I found this little bottle the other day for a little over $2. Sassafras was once used in root beer. (NT talks about this.) This is a concentrated form and you add just a spoon or two to a glass of water and you have tea! A tea that tastes like root beer! Yummy!
If you remember, many months ago, I bought some sassafras and tried my hand at making my own root beer. It was OK, not like bottled, and sorta medicinal tasting.
This stuff here, however, is very mild and tasty.
A nice treat!


Joy said...

I made root beer just the other day I had and old amish recipe and it calls for was really fermented tasting after a I wouldn't reccomend to anyone. We love root beer around here will have to try that tea.

Craft Tea Lady said...

OH! Where did you find it for so cheap? I went to their site and its $9 (and then $10 shipping) PER BOTTLE!

Donna said...

Yes, fermented root beer is strong, gulp! Its very good for you though- cultures!

Craft Tea Lady,
I found this at the General Store in the Mennonite Community/ Muddy Pond. Our health food store has it too but its about $5 or 6 a bottle.

This stuff is very good!

Craft Tea Lady said...

Thanks so much for your reply! I truly appreciate you letting us know!~G

Donna said...

Craft Tea Lady;
here's a link where its cheaper!