Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grocery deals this week.....

-cabbage .29 lb
-potatoes 50# $7.99
-broccoli .99
-mushrooms .99 pint

-homegrown cukes 3/$1
-homegrown squash and zukes .88lb
-eggplant .99
-Southern peaches (huge!) .97lb
-mangoes .68
-organic cantaloupe 2/$5
-Cascadian Farm Organic Cereals $2.49 (special 10 deal)
-El Paso shells and refried beans .99 (special 10 deal)
-Toaster Strudel and Scramblers 1.49 (special 10 deal)
-in store price org. carrots 2lbs 1.97

Food Lion
-ground beef 1.39 lb
-split chicken breasts .97
-green grapes .99lb

-Jumbo Raw or Large cooked Shrimp $5
-Kraft Shreds or Chunks Cheese 8oz
-F.L. cereals .99


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Wow! Dh wants to move there so he can buy those potatoes! What a great deal!

We ate 30 pounds of potatoes last week. Dh ate most of them :)

Donna said...

Well come on down!!!

Potatoes are great here and I hear the market is a little better here! :-)
We'll cook potatoes for him and butterscotch pie for you and I!

Yep, this crew can easily eat about 8lbs in one setting!