Friday, August 14, 2009

A neat-tea treasure!

My DH came in the other day with a super neat little find, just for me! Whatever could it be?
Well, I'll say! What a lovely little piece! Its a silver-plated brass tea steeper and stir tea infuser!
You push the end and it opens! Neat! It just slides open and you can scoop and steep!

Ginseng and licorice root anyone?


Brandy said...

How nice! I was just going to email you the other day and ask if you had any favorite homemade herbal tea recommendations!

I'm not a fan of licorice root, though . . .

I tried making my own the other day--home dried peaches, home-grown chamomile, and red raspberry leaf. It was okay, but it needed something more . . .

Donna said...

A little lemon flavor (from lemon or lemon balm or lemon grass) and honey would be good in those!

I often slice leftover citrus peels and put them in the freezer and drop in my tea!

The Red Raspberry is very good for you right now!

Peppermint may also help flavor these.