Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bread Rising Tips...

I've discovered a couple of things that help my favorite breakfast bread along during rising.

-The best rise is to turn the oven light on, shape the loaves, place in buttered pans and tuck them in the oven during rising time. Steady warmth and no draft!

-If I have other things baking, and I'm trying to rush the bread along, I will sit it on top of the flattop stove and the warmth will speed the rising along.

-Now, this tip is tricky and it won't work well for recipes that are made for long rises.
I have a 'fifth eye' , which is a 'warmer' on my flattop. I can speed my breakfast bread up with good results as well as breadsticks and some other things, by sitting them on that nice little warmer on a low to medium temp.
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Evelyn said...

I have found that in homes that have a microwave installed above the stove or otherwise above the counter with a light underneath it that if you turn the light on underneath the microwave you can place the bread in the microwave and the light underneath it will give enough heat to raise the dough without taking up space in the oven :)

Donna said...

Great idea!!!

Angela said...

Good to know. I have a very tough time getting my bread to rise. Maybe it would help if we turned the furnace higher than 62. LOL

Donna said...

Sticking your bread in a lighted oven would certainly help if you keep your furnace low. In the winter, I have to, or I would be waiting days for one loaf! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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