Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pear Preserves...

My neighbors gave me more pears and asked about me making them a jar of pear preserves. Well, I had NO clue as to what pear preserves were- But this was the second year they have brought me pears and the second year that they've asked about these pear preserves so I decided to go digging!
Based on some great information that I found here, and DH's description- this is what I came up with- here they are straight from the canner!In exchange for their kindness, I baked them a loaf of bread and made them a jar of juiced pears. Tomorrow, I will take them some of those pear preserves!
(Let's hope they are to their liking! They are very good- sweet and tart!)

(mmm- juiced pears!)

We got out the juicer the other day since fall and germs are in the air! I hope the extra vitamins from juicing will help fight the germies!

Pear preserves and Juicing- Works for Me!!!

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