Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Serving Bowls...

This Gratituesday, I'm thankful for these two shiny bowls! :-)
Many years ago, there was an older lady in my life whom I would visit often. I miss her and I miss learning from her, but the many things she did left an impact on me.

One thing she would do is put all of her hot food on the table in serving bowls and everyone passed the bowls- just like on The Walton's! It just made you feel good and 'right at home'.
Now that I have half a dozen kids, I don't always practice this, else I would be washing dishes for hours! But, I do like to use bowls for some things like bread, fruit, salad, and I sometimes will at breakfast when its just eggs and biscuits or eggs and English (wheat) Muffins.
I picked up these two pretty bowls at the Goodwill. One was .99 and the other was 1.99 and I got a 20% discount since DH chimed in and told her that I was a senior citizen- she said she would give him the discount! I told him, "that's what you get"! Either way, he was happy with the discount, even if his joke backfired on him just a little, hee hee.
(And the paper they wrap these in makes for GREAT art paper! ;)


Esther said...

I love the "Walton" feel of bowls too. I think I should go look for some more at the thrift store!

Donna said...

There's just nothing like making home more 'homey' to me!
Thanks for posting!

Joy said...

I love old dishes! I collect them I guess you could say..my favorite is the old brown ones. My granny Pearl had a whole set and will it just reminds me of her every time I sit down to a brown plate or coffee cup! I try to pick them up every chance I get! You got some pretty ones! Great deal too!

Donna said...

There was nothing like that age of people! I miss them too. I can only hope to pass on some of what I was taught to my kids. :-)