Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Frugal Trip to the Goodwill....

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This will go under my 'frugal tips' tab because, I was able to purchase several things at the Goodwill as well as buy ONE item that I can sell on ebay that will pay for the entire purchase!

I bought my DD 3 very pretty skirts, the prices were; $2, $2, and $4. I also bought her one very nice blouse for $2.

We also picked up several books, priced as follows;
1 big hardback $2.99 (this was $30 last time I saw it at the store!)
Cliff notes for Paradise Lost .50
The Boxcar Children .50
Hardy Boys .50
a movie $1
Plus one item for $2.99**

That last purchase can be sold on ebay for $25 to $50!
Depending on what else is available at the time.

This shopping trip paid for itself! Woo HOO!
Sometime back I was able to buy something there for $2.99 and it sold for $75 on ebay.
My son bought something for $9.99 that he can sell anywhere from $50 to $200.
Yah for ebay and the Goodwill!


Millie said...

Well done!
You know, I have not ever been brave enough to shop or sell on ebay. I had a friend get me a camera once but that has been the extent of my ebay experience.

Donna said...

The first time I ever bought something from the internet was BAD! That was some 12 years ago I think. ...When it was all new.

Since then, I've done it several times from all sorts of places and sold and its easy! And a great system!

Creating accounts, having records, being able to report and give them bad ratings have all made ebay a better place!

About a year ago, we sold a bunch of old homeschool stuff to raise money to buy a puppy! :-)

Joy said...

Great job! I do the same thing sometimes..I LOVE goodwill!

Lisa said...

our goodwill has become sooo expensive i hardly go anymore. I scored about a year ago brand new never opened Star wars Lego sets wow I made a nice penny from those!

Donna said...

I love the Goodwill but there are things here, that are often over-priced. Sometimes you can bargain with them- just like at a yard sale. I have done that on items with missing buttons or tears.

Two days a week, they have .99 day!

Hope the bargains come back your way Lisa!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Now you have me curious as to what you found to re-sell! :>) Our little tiny local thrift shop is so cheap that even Goodwill seems expensive sometimes, but the selection is much more limited at our tiny place. I've certainly become much more strict about not buying things new!