Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uhmmm is Noah here?

It has done NOTHING but rain for hours now. Over 24 of them!
I just heard a report that we had over 6 INCHES, yesterday.
(not counting what we had the night before and today)

The rain is standing in the yards- it looks like ponds!
I think I am going to have to send oldest DS out to dig a trench out at the corner of the garden so the water can drain off- else all will rot!

Noah- we just might need to borrow your ark!


Meal Planning with Connie said...

Oh, I know! I do wish it would stop! I got so tickled at my daughter. We've been reading Robinson Crusoe and learning about climates which have rainy seasons. M.C. asked me, if we were having the rainy season in Mississippi! It does seem that way!!

Many blessings!

Donna said...

Rainy Season in TN- for sure!!!
I had one just read RC and is now reading The Mysterious Island.
Great books!! for the rain...I think we have another day of it...pass out the life jackets!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

WOW--6 inches! That's a year and half downtown, and about 3 years for us!

Donna said...

Spring and Fall bring rain here.
In our state, several counties away, they had to rescue 18 people from the roofs of their houses because of flooding.

It also appears to be causing some trouble for the wildlife- flooding them out of their homes- right into the roads! (possums, coons, snapping turtles, etc.)