Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite outings...

Some of our favorite things to do this time of year are:

-walk the trail at the park, packing water bottles in a back pack beforehand. There's a lake, some wooded areas, ducks, and then playgrounds too. If we can afford it, we may drive through McD's and get an ice cream cone when we are done.
-walk downtown after dark. There's an old train station and the kids climb up in the trains, ring the bell (boy! is it loud!), there's an amphitheatre, and now they've put up historic pictures of the town and some of the history on the pics! Super neat! If we can afford it, from time to time, we pick up a dozen donuts from the best bakers in town (that'd be Ralph's to you locals!)!
-on the weekends, if we have to make a 'Wal-mart run', we sometimes will get or take sandwich stuff and stop somewhere and have a 'picnic' of sorts.
-Sometimes we get $1 kites and fly them in the yard this time of year and in the spring. The wind this time of year will really take a kite up!
-Sometimes we take a big sheet out in the yard and a ball and all the kids get around the sheet and we toss the ball up and down, catching it with the sheet.
-Sometimes, this time of year and in the spring, we do some of our homework outside! Either on the porch, the picnic table, or on a blanket on the ground!
-Oh yeah! One more thing we do this time of year- we eat pumpkin pie for breakfast! :-)



Amy @ Finer Things said...

Sounds blissful. Your town and park sound very lovely!

MyATM said...

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