Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I finished the rest of my shopping today...

I can't believe its done! Whew!
The more I do this once a month shopping thing, the quicker I often can put it together. Well, I really shouldn't say that- I honestly think its God's grace! I often spend many moments praying about my shopping, asking God to guide and provide.
I really believe that He helps me-- much more than I help myself!

At Kroger, my order was a little over $500- with coupons, Kroger discounts, etc, I walked out paying only $320! Woo Hoo!

I also had to run to Aldi for some pantry goods. I needed brown sugar, and some supplies to make the kiddies some Halloween candy. I know, I know- it will have sugar- but at least it won't be HFCS, right? :-)

I came across some weird foods at Kroger that I plan to try. Every month I try to find a couple of things to experiment with and this month, the biggie will be buffalo meat! (Dh didn't say to much when I showed him. Can't wait to see how I can make him just LOVE it? hee hee)

I also found some jarred fish eggs. I have been wanting to try these since reading NT but haven't been able to find them fresh (no such luck in TN) but I did find some in a jar so we shall see how to make them look pretty on crackers with a little cream cheese maybe!

I will have to go get more eggs and milk and perhaps more fresh veggies later on in the month- but for now- and for several days- I'm free! Least I feel free- knowing all this food is here, waiting to be prepared and eaten!

I even got another batch of (free) beef fat from Kroger and rendered it!

Tonight's supper? Boiled New England Dinner- brisket, potatoes, carrots, celery, turnips, and beets on the side- I can hardly wait! .....last night's supper? sandwiches: spinach, tomatoes, onions, turkey breast, cheese with a cup of homemade vegetable beef stew and a piece of German Chocolate Cake (my fave cake!).


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been looking through your blog for a few days, and I'm very interested in your once a month shopping. We are a family of 8, and I've tried to shop once a month and then just go to the store for perishables, but then I still end up going to several stores and I dislike shopping. LOL> I'm wondering if you could possibly do a step by step of how you accomplish this? Do you make a whole month's menu at once or shop then decide what you are eating? How do you handle the fresh produce? You eat a lot of fruit and vegetables so I am wondering how you keep them fresh. And what size fridge do you have? Do you do this more for convenience or do you think it saves you money? Do you think you would save more money (if gas wasn't an issue) by shopping weekly sales? I can't believe I'm bombarding someone I don't know with all these questions. I do hope you don't find me incredbibly rude. I've tried couple of your recipes this week and they went over well with the kids. Thank you!


Donna said...

I replied by a new separate post because everything wouldn't fit in this little box! ;-)

Donna said...

also- if you have an email, I can send you the reply with hyperlinks in it. They didn't work on the post that I used to reply to you for some reason.
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