Friday, October 9, 2009

our house...

The above was my supper tonight. Pear preserves over a homemade waffle. I was canning more of the preserves and I just couldn't resist making something to eat them with so we had homemade waffles, sausage, and these pretty pink pear preserves!
Our lunch was salmon loaf, leftover carrots and peas, fried potatoes (since the kids are saying that they are tired of mashed), and Earthy Oat Groat Scones.
Snacks today:
apples with peanut butter yogurt dip
homemade vanilla pudding with layered graham crackers
juice from the juicer
homemade beef jerky and coffee and tea
That's a lot of food in one day isn't it!?!


Millie said...

Well, you are feeding teen boys right? My girls 14 and 12 eat a fair sized amount. I can only imagine if they were boys! My daughter and son in law will be here today. I'll soon be feeling your pain as far as feeding a boy (but he is a man at the age of 21 and 6'4" tall weighing somewhere around 200, so....)
For the peanut butter yogurt dip do you just mix the two together?

Donna said...

Millie- U R N 4 it! ---Just kidding. Since that young man has stopped growing, he probably won't be too bad- maybe :-). ...The fun of having your baby girl home will over ride everything else I bet!

Yes- my boys are 17, 14, 12, 10, and 7 and my girl is 8. (She eats more than the 10 and 7 yr olds!)

The dip I mix half and half. I usually use plain yogurt and natural peanut butter so sometimes I will add a little honey and/or vanilla. They love it! (If I just give them apples, they are starving in ten minutes- with the dip, they can make it til meal time!)

Millie said...

I didn't realize you have 2 teen boys and a pre-teen boy. Wowzers!
My daughter and son in law are here. And he has as large of an appetite as I remember. You are right, I'm very happy to have my daughter home. And I found out that my oldest (a daughter who is a college junior) is planning on coming here for the entire summer break next year. I will be totally excited to have all of my children here.

Donna said...

I can only imagine your excitement and joy at having them all home! ..It is hard for me to imagine a day when they are gone. Can't they just sit at my table doing homework and eating forever? :-)
So- you have 4 girls and a baby boy? I so miss having a baby around- they are God's best work in my book!

Millie said...

4 girls (20,19,14,12), 9+ month old baby boy,& one son-in-law. Having adult children is 'interesting'. I made the pb/yogurt dip. It was a hit.

Donna said...

Oh I'm sure it is! (interesting)

I was 15 and my sister 14 when my baby brother was born- Oh what fun we had!!!

-glad the dip was a hit! My kiddies love it too--a couple of them would live off of it!