Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures of my garden yesterday, Oct 2009

It was starting to get dark so the pics aren't great. The pics look darker than what it really was, strangely. But this is my 'fall garden' that I've told you some about. We tilled this end of the garden up and replanted after the corn was done. From left to right, the tall leaves are sunflowers, then yellow squash, okra, kale, broccoli, lettuce....
The okra in this part of the garden has had a few pods, the broccoli probably will end up killed by frost before it bears. I planted late but I thought it was worth a shot. The squash has given me food 3 times now. The kale greens have given me two big bunches collectively.

This is lettuce- and yes, some grass is growing. It has been too wet and muddy to hardly step in there to weed it out!
I doubt I will see any fruit from these but 3 tomato plants came up and 2 banana pepper plants came up here and a couple just sprouted on the other side of the garden. Slowpokes!

Here's a closer view of the squash plants! I can hardly believe how well they are doing in October! I am happily shocked at them!

This is my "Vegas Chard". Brandy sent me some of her seeds from her plants--- all the way from Vegas to Tennessee! They are a little wilted from so much rain but they sure are good! The old bell pepper plants behind them just wilted over after those floods of rain and the cooler temps came in. And behind those are the older (7 foot tall) okra plants that are still giving some food but very very slowly now.


The Prudent Homemaker said...

It's funny to think of chard being wilted by too much rain.

What's rain? ;-) Oh, yeah, it's that stuff in the clouds that is passing OVER my house, on to some other state--probably headed your way! Makes for a nice day, though! It's so pretty to see clouds!


Donna said...

We have chances of rain ALL week LONG! -gulp-

Dh is after me to get the compost tilled in the garden but its too wet!

I'm gonna have to start praying that the clouds would start leaking over your way and run out by the time they get my way! ;-)