Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A week of treats...

Years ago, we went to a big church (oh how I miss it!) for years. This church had "Hallelujah Night" rather than Halloween night. They took the whole church and instead of having a typical 'haunted house', they had skits set up in every room where different Bible stories were re-enacted. It was brilliant! The kids got candy upon leaving each room and at the end everyone got to go through this one huge room that had games set up like a Fall Festival and they served refreshments. Everyone was welcome and some kids dressed up and some didn't. By the time the children left, they had heard of the Lord's love for them and a tract was stuck in with the candy that was especially written for children. It was a great outreach tool to the community and a great alternative for everyone!

Well, now we don't have that where we live but I have still tried to make a little fun for the kids.
Yes, the fun is oft centered around sugar! :-)

Some years we've made cookies and I let the kids decorate them. One year we had our own little 'party' of sorts. I had treats and a big bowl of water with apples to bob for!

This year, I've kind of made it a week of treats, especially with orange color. Orange gummies, orange iced cookies, orange iced cake, and now this one. I know this sounds like wayyyy too much sugar, but keep in mind that there's six kids around here- five being boys! (One cake can be gone in ONE day if they all eat a slice at lunch and supper.)
I have found this to be a better alternative than a sack full of candy and six expensive costumes.
However, the kids often get a card with money from their grandparents, and they have been known to buy a costume to play in- after Halloween when it goes on clearance! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Tried your steak casserole we loved it!

Donna said...

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks for letting me know.