Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping delay this go around... And restricting our diet a little...

The kids being ill has delayed me a couple of days on my shopping.

DH has also asked me to put him on a more restricted diet for a while to see if I can help him lose some weight. (This wouldn't be a bad idea for ALL of us right now ;) The last time I did this, he lost about 12 to 14 pounds in a month and he said he had all the food that he could eat! Well- let's hope I can pull this off again!

This plan will however require a little more focus at the store as I will have a more set menu plan. I also will likely save a bigger portion for picking up fresh veggies later in the month. It is the fresh veggies on this plan that helps keep the plate full, pretty, and fiber packed!

DH typically prefers country style cooking- you know where you fry your meat in fat and the like? (Yeah, and make gravy with the fat.) We also use a LOT of butter- like a big bunch lot! I saute, season, pan fry, and bake with butter. (We have no shortage of good fat in our diet!) I will try to cut back on some of that with using more applesauce in my baking and more herbs for seasoning, and boiling rather than pan frying, and even water sauteing.

It will also be helpful adding more green veggies such as salads, and when making mashed potatoes, using some buttermilk and/or bone broth rather than a stick of butter.

My main focus usually has to be more yummy veggies and cutting back on the main course, or at least cutting back the high fat in the main. That will be done by using leaner meats and more veggies with less meat in the main course. I will also use more beans and perhaps grains in the main dish to make it more filling while less fattening.

I also re-routed last week's menu too. Partly due to the virus that was in our home and partly to weed out the stragglers in the freezer. I found several bags of fryer breasts and come up with enough for supper. I also dug out the last of the cabbage and made a slaw. While digging in the freezer, I also found a small bag of blackberries and some orange zest so I made a nice 'kicked up' crisp with those. We have about ten to 15 pounds left of potatoes that are getting soft so I made a pot of mashed potatoes. Now, my path is a little clearer!

I will be using Set For Life and Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat for most of my recipes, ideas, and plans. They stick to real, healthy food yet cut back on the fat. I really like the book Set For Life! It has lots of recipes using mostly basic things and they are family friendly.

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