Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beef Liver and Onions with Biscuits and Gravy

My favorite way to eat liver is 'calf' liver. Its not as strong as chicken liver or beef liver and it works very very well cooked this way, but here I had just regular beef liver.
Also, calf liver is great without gravy, I've just found that the biscuits (made from unbleached flour) and the gravy are a great way to eat the stronger tasting beef liver, as it appears to be more of a country fried steak!
Soak liver for at least 30 minutes to an hour in milk(with a beaten egg if you like) or salt water.
Dh is the 'liver cook' and he says this soaking process will help tame that strong taste. (But again, please note, if you have a hard time eating liver, do try calf liver, it is not as strong.)
Drain the liver and rinse, flour.
Fry in beef fat or lard for best flavor.
Fry at a low temp on one side, you don't want it too dark.
Cover in chopped onions.
Once browned, flip and lower heat and cover and continue to cook.
(Liver is easy to over cook and get too dark. Reducing the heat and covering will keep it from getting to crisp and dry.)
Drain on paper towels.
I served it to my kids chopped in pieces with biscuits and gravy and they gobbled it right up!

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