Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kombucha bubbles...wanna see? and a story

Kombucha is huge source of entertainment around my house. I find it cool that I can make a drink that bubbles. I also think its neat, how it grows a scoby; a symbiotic colony of (good) bacteria and yeast!

My family however, thinks me and my kombucha are nuts!

My dh does nothing but tease and tease..... it all started about a year and a half ago when I got pulled over because I had a tail light that kept shorting in and out. Some days it would work, some days it would not work. Well, this young little officer, pulled me over (the reference to his age is important as you will see him trying to prove how much he knows), he ask me did I know about the tail light and I told him that my kids had just told me that it wasn't working. I told him all about how I had ran through water a few years ago and since then, it went through periods of going in and out and that we even kept an extra bulb but that it often would just blink in and out and the bulb would be fine. I told him how we had taken it to various places to have it looked at and no one could find the problem...blah blah blah... and then- he asked me to step out of the car.

Step out? Uh, ok officer.

Keep in mind, ALL of my kids are in the van, and we've just left Walmart and its about ten o'clock at night.
He gets me behind the van and proceeds to give me the wrap about how "he smelled something" and I had a VERY hard time not getting SUPER defensive and SUPER offended.
I said, "Officer, I don't drink and I have all of my children with me and we just left Walmart!"

He said, "Ma'am, I know what it smells like!"

I said, "Officer, I just had a sip of a pop my kids are drinking and if you like I can have them show it to you and perhaps you could smell it?"
"Ma'am, I know what it smells like."

What was really bad is, while we were standing there, I noticed all of these trees and they were full of blooms that sorta smelled like fermented peaches!

I thought; "Oh no! My goose is cooked!" I wondered if I should point it out to him because perhaps that was what he was smelling...well, I decided to point it out and you know what he said? Uh huh! "Ma'am, I know what it smells like, that's why I asked you to step out of the car!"

Part of me wanted my innocence proven and wanted him to get the whole department down to watch me take a breathalyzer- but what kind of example would I be setting in front of the kids if I caused any form of a stir, not to mention what they would have to go through while they waited, and waited, and waited!

So, finally I decided to just stand there- (stand still and see the salvation of the Lord)- and he ran my tag and my license- clean as a whistle!

He did write me a nice warning over the light, which still goes on the blinks!

But when I got home and told DH, he laughed and told me that it was the kombucha that he smelled! ;-) I told him that I hadn't even drank any that day! (Still being defensive!)

But after Dh quit laughing, he got offended too. He said, "Didn't he see that you were a mother and had a car load of kids? Did you tell him that you had just been to Walmart? How old was he? What was he thinking holding you up with all those kids?"

I laughed and said, "Perhaps you need a sip of my kombucha!"

...and we all lived happily ever after!

(Seriously- Kombucha is more like apple cider vinegar-and if I still sound defensive, just try to over look it. :-)


Kolfinna said...

LOL cute story!

Donna said...

Thanks Kolfinna! ;-)