Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One of our frugal presents... a crazy puzzle

This nutty looking puzzle reminded me of our former (insane) dog, and I was actually laughing out loud in the store when I found it on a clearance rack! I just had to get it for the kids! I let them open it a couple of days before Christmas and they had a blast putting it together.
I have found a strange thing about my kids, perhaps some of you have too. And that is, they don't take real well to "old-fashioned" sorts of things- unless I make them! But once I make them drag down an old board game, pull out a deck of cards, or even buy them a new cheap puzzle- they can't hardly tear themselves away from them! Weird, huh?!? (It also ALWAYS makes a big difference if I play along too- strange phenomenon! But Dobson used to say that kids spell love t-i-m-e!)

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