Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Being out of wheat really makes me mopey! I'm a baker kinda gal and I like (love) to have my wheat around! I feel SO much better when my wheat buckets are filled- but this trip for wheat brought me an extra treat- spelt! I've tried spelt flour from the store, but I wanted to try some fresh spelt flour from my mill! (since the only thing I like better than wheat, is my mill!;)
I'm grateful to have full buckets this week!
Along with so many other things....winning the giveaway at Laura's,
free pork fat to render into lard from my friend, for new
kefir grains (goodbye powder and hello $8 that I was spending on
it), a REFUND on our taxes!, my kids are healthy and well,
and for the peace of Christ that dwells in my home!


JessieLeigh said...

I get mopey when I'm low on baking materials too! Running out of eggs really frustrates me also. ;) Enjoy your full buckets and your many other blessings too!

Joy said...

God's good isn't he! Even when I don't deserve it he still blesses me and mine.
Callee was just singing "I have been blessed" this morning and that really touches my heart, I love that song but to hear my three year old sing it, just puts a whole new meaning on the song.
So glad you were able to get all you did. We are also looking to stock up on things with our refund. God's been good in my life, I've blessed beyond my wildest dreams as I go to sleep each night!!! :)
have a wonderful day!

Donna said...

So glad I'm not the only one! :-)

Donna said...

I feel like singing right along with Callee today! (out of the mouths of babes)

His blessings are exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think!

Joy said...

Yes they certainly are!