Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fried Polenta

I love to make polenta. I once made a "polenta pizza" that my kids claimed "was not pizza" but was actually quite good, in spite of the slight deception.
Polenta for a breakfast side or main is my favorite way to eat it and it's very easy to make because you can actually do some of the work the night before!
*I cooked it according to the package directions on Bob's Red Mill Corn Grits/Polenta.* After cooking, poor polenta into greased loaf pans (or pans of choice, some make it round, some make it thicker, etc). Place in refrigerator overnight if desired or until set.
Turn molded polenta out onto a plate.

Cut in slices.

Pan fry in butter until golden and slightly crisp on the outside.

I place mine in a dish in a warm oven in order to keep it warm while I'm cooking for my army!

Served here drizzled with honey, alongside soaked oatmeal, fresh eggs, and natural sausage, mmmm!
Could you grind your own grains to make this? I never have, but I think it would work very well! Anyone tried it?
*Some make this savory by adding veggies or sausage to it and even frying it in bacon drippings.


Joy said...

YUMMM!! Was this breakfast this morning? I am coming over just let me get the kids up and out of the bed and we will be over!
Looks so good! Wish I could smell it through the computer! :)

Donna said...

This was actually from last week-
I'm a wee bit behind!

Organized Nutrition said...

I grind my own cornmeal, with popcorn, so I think you could use that for polenta? It is just corn after all! I may have to try that!

Donna said...

Sounds yummy to me!
Let me know if you try it with fresh ground Denai!