Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland.....

This is how we spent our weekend! Building our own Snow Fort! They built it to where it would be slightly taller than the oldest- who is 17.
If it doesn't melt, they think they are going to roof it tomorrow!
Every car that passed (few though they were- roads are a mess) would stop and stare.
The kids would just chuckle.
..can't wait to see what tomorrow holds and if this fort/igloo will hold a roof!


Lisa said...

That's a great fort!! My 12 year old son is so jealous lol but I told him he could have built a fort too:) Still can there so much snow!

Great pics!

"The Smelly Lady" said...

how exciting and what fun! With the snow we had over Christmas my boys built a snow cave out back behind our shop. They had lots of fun

Joy said...

Awesome! Really Awesome! You guys did a great job. Such hard work too..that ice on top was solid here as I am sure it was there too!
Good luck with the roof today!

Joy said...

I am so curious to know did it hold a roof or was the sun just too much for it today? I so hope it did all that hard work!