Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu for the week....

I made more cookies than would fit in my cake plate! My family took that as a hint to EAT THEM until then would fit!

Menu Plan Monday really helps me on weeks like these! Its almost time to go once-a-month shopping so I'm digging in the back of the freezer and into the beans and grains! It's always exciting to find things that I didn't even know was here! ;-)
-oats and grits
-whole grain spaghetti, toasted wheat cheese bread
-Boston Roast, lima beans, broccoli, toasted whole wheat cheese bread
-snacks- apples and dip, hot chocolate with bread and butter, German Chocolate Cake
-kids choice
-Minestrone Soup, cornbread, Wheat and Flax Cookies
- deer steaks in gravy, broccoli, cup of soup
-snacks- apricots, dried cranberries, homemade pickles
- homemade chicken nuggets, tater wedges, garbanzo beans(*soak)
- lean beef patties, stuffed celery, garbanzo beans
-snacks- blueberry smoothies, chili-cheese popcorn (parm. cheese and chili powder)
-cinnamon-raisin oatmeal, turkey bacon
- beans, potatoes, cornbread, onions
- chili with the leftover beans
-snacks- buttered popcorn, apples and dip, Coconut Chocolate Chip Spelt Muffins
- kids choice (oatmeal, waffles from the freezer, Cascadian Farm cereal*on sale at Walmart $1.50 a box))
- chili, cornbread
- Meatza Pie, lima beans, carrot slaw
-snacks- leftover muffins, blueberry smoothies, raisins and apple slices
- kids choice
- main dish macaroni, peas and carrots, steamed broccoli normandy
-Italian Baked Chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes
-snacks-popcorn, fruit salad


Anonymous said...

looks great!!!

Donna said...

Thank U!