Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Every once in a while, I do something really nerdy..

Ok, so I do something nerdy more than every once in a while- but sometimes my family notices! ;-)
See- this time- I bought what was packaged as a "lamb breast". I had never bought this cut of lamb before and all I could think was "chicken breast" and "turkey breast" and well- a lot of meat!
Well, this was NOT lots of meat! Nope, it was actually just RIBS! With a whole lot of fat- see what I rendered from it?
Ok- so that might be nerdy too but no one noticed that, so I'm clear on that one!
I ended up boiling the meat, uh, ribs, then skimming the fat, picking the meat from the ribs, and using it and the broth to make stew. It was sooooooooo yummy! I love lamb! ..even if I'm too nerdy to always know what cuts to buy!


Joy said...

never had lamb..too scared to pay the price and not like it! Would like to try but I just can't bring myself to paying that much and no one liking it here and then that money be wasted!
AWESOME that you rendered the fat! that is totally cool to me.so I guess I am a nerd too!

Donna said...

Lamb is very very good!
Probably my favorite of all meats!
Well, red meats.

This cut had layers of fat!

The most frugal way to get it right now is little leg roasts at Aldi. Also, you can get little shanks at Kroger for around $7 and make a soup from it.