Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Made Some Fun Treats Today- Pop Tart Style Pastries

These got two thumbs up all the way around the table!

They were filled with homemade apple butter ( a gift

from a friend)!

They were even better when fully cooled, as a snack!


Organized Nutrition said...

AHHH, we love homemade pop tarts here... CAUSE the others are filled with YUCK!!!
Yours looks so yummy I wanna lick my screen!

Joy said...

Ok so bring on the recipe! That is awesome and it looks just like the ones from the store! My kids would love these..YUMMY..Did you like that apple butter?
I got something for you to try..cantaloupe butter how wierd is that? I made it last year because we had so many cantaloupes and couldn't give/eat all of them so I tried it. Different but good I think..I will bring you some!

Donna said...

Yes, apple butter was great!
Oh, cantaloupe butter soups great! Never had that before.

My kid said these taste like the whole grain poptarts. ;-)

Candi said...

Those look awesome! Are you sharing the recipe? :)

Donna said...

Thank you for asking but this one is going to be in an ebook- but if I decide not to publish it there- I will post it here and let you know. Thanks again for asking!