Friday, March 5, 2010

A frugal tip for OAM shopping...

I love to shop once a month! With six kids with bottom-less bellies- its just a HUGE relief to know there's food here! ..Not to mention it saves me money!

I've written under my grocery tab about my shopping and 'how to', but I wanted to share about a tool that helps me and saves me money!

Yeah, the
FoodSaver® Vac 550

When I get my fresh meats home, I often don't have time to re-wrap so I will stick them in a Food Saver bag and seal them up. If I buy a large quantity of ground beef or chicken, then I will section the meat up into meal size portions and seal them up.

I still use Ziploc bags for foods that I know will be eaten pretty soon, but for the foods that may be in there for weeks, or longer, then the Food Saver truly saves the day!

Last month, I had fresh celery with crisp leaves for weeks, all zipped up in a Food Saver bag.

Another handy thing is, leftovers! If I just have a little of this and a little of that, I save it and it becomes a meal for someone who might not have been home at meal time or if I have to run somewhere and dh has the roam of the castle, he can still eat like a king! ;-)

These are also very useful for OAMC!
Once the bags are sealed and frozen, they can be reheated any number of ways. You can drop them in boiling water, microwave, or drop them in hot water to thaw enough to slip into a pot.
I also reuse my bags, scrubbing them out with a little vinegar and/or baking soda to make sure all odors from previous foods are gone!
You can also seal other forms of bags back together with them. I found some mixed organic veggies on clearance and kept them fresh longer by resealing the bag every time it was opened. It only takes just a sec to seal- easy peasy!
For more money saving tips and recipes, visit Frugal Fridays!


Joy said...

I have had one for years but I think our seal is broke now because it doesn't always seal properly! I have never sealed up my veggies though! Great idea. Do you just seal them up then put them in your fridge? You have such good ideas.
p.s. My youngest is sitting in my lap right now and pointing to all the pics on your blog and saying can you cook that mommy?? LOL

Leslie said...

I've wondered about those machines and if they are worth the cost. It certainly sounds like it is. Perhaps I'll have to put this on my Mother's Day wishlist!

Donna said...

Joy- So cute!
Yes, I just pitch them in the fridge! Works like a charm!

It is a great kitchen tool!
I bought up coffee in bulk the other day and was able to seal up weekly portions. It seals them up like bricks- just like the store!