Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's SO nice to be back to normal this week!

Ever have one of those weeks? Yeah, one of those where everything just either has to stand still OR get turned upside down?!?!

Last week, was one of those...

Monday- youngest wakes up with swollen cheek after being on antibiotics several days for a tooth. -sigh-
Monday afternoon- running a fever and couldn't keep medicine down. The dentist sent us to the E.R. for IV antibiotics..... -sigh-sigh-
Tuesday, the swelling had spread to the eye- back to E.R. and more antibiotics. -sigh- sigh-sigh-

Wednesday- visit with the oral surgeon. -sigh-sigh-sigh-sigh-

Friday- oral surgery to remove the tooth and drain the infection.-gasp!-

Friday afternoon, a pale but very happy and active little boy, who would tire quickly, but was much better. So much better! -relief-

Today- a small battle with what looks to be thrush from all the antibiotics ('magine that!), but a little boy who looks and feels soooooooooooo much better than one week ago! -gratitude-

I'm thankful for a normal week this week- and for God blessing with a speedy recovery!
And for prayers of friends who care, and other sweet acts of kindness last week.
...I'm also thankful to have plenty of yogurt and kefir on hand- and would welcome any advice about the yeast issue :-), never had this problem with a bigger kid! -sigh- ;-)
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Amy Lynne said...

I hope you continue to have a normal week and your little one continues to heal quickly!

Joy said...

Oh man I had thrush myself about 4 3 years ago..very painful got to where I HAD to go to docs to get meds. I tried not too, but it got bad quick...I couldn't swallow.
I don't know what to reccomend since nothing worked for me but Nystatin! I hope he gets better soon!

Joy said...
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