Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ok- WHY is there an army guy in the sink?

This Gratituesday, I'm grateful for: army guys in the sink!
This past weekend, my younger three children became quiet, so I stepped out of my dwelling (the kitchen) to see what they were up to. There they sat, so cute, on the couch whispering and giggling low and curled up with their notebooks! (Not enough school work guys?)
I wondered about the whispering and giggling but its not uncommon for them to sit and write stories and cut up about them.
I walked to the bathroom to find this:
Yeah, an army guy. Not that they are uncommon here, just that they are normally in the toy-box and not the bathroom sink, ya know?
"Ok, kids, WHY is the army guy in the sink?"
"Oh, we forgot about him."
"You forgot him? Well, why was he there in the first place?"
"Well, he got a little wet." (laughing)
"A little we huh? What- were you guys trying to baptize him or something?" (I question, thinking I'm the creative cute one.)
"Well, as a matter of fact...Joe the preacher (another army guy, uhmm chaplain?), was the preacher and Harvey (this army guy) wasn't saved...he had been out drinking root beer, and Joe went after him and told him he had to get saved and get baptized so he dunked him in the sink. Then he decided he wanted to swim around for a little while."
"Ohhhhh, ooookaaaayyyy."
Kids have a way of making you SO thankful for army guys in the sink, don't they?
...the story went on but I'm afraid the rest mandates the patience that only their own mother has ears for ;-).... like how Harvey can now smell sin!
-Too funny!-


嘉佩嘉佩 said...
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Joy said...

How sweet! Love it!

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

Reminds me of Darth in the freezer... How fun! We just never know what we're gonna find next <3

"The Smelly Lady" said...

'least he wasn't in the toilet. We had a knight get flushed one time. Never seen him again. LOL!

Donna said...

You never told why your kids put them there- was Darth visiting the artic? ;-)

I told my kids this- then got worried that perhaps they'd send an army guy to look for your knight! ;-)