Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Frugal Fish: pollock

My last shopping trip I picked up a couple of bags of Pollock at our local Cash-n-carry. One pkg had 4 large fillets and the other had 5 fillets- the price- $2.46 and$3.36. Each bag would feed a normal sized family with small children but it takes both to feed mine- but still- pretty frugal for fish!
I love this fish breaded and fried- today I'm baking it.


Joy said...

I have never tried Pollock, I am not a huge fish fan, so I usually shy away from new in the fish area! My kids love fried fish and so does dh! I just always find myself being so scared to spend my money on something I have never tried, and then not liking it and there I wasted that money! :) Silly I know!

Donna said...

I get that completely! :-)