Wednesday, April 21, 2010


bananas .39lb
carrots .49 2 lb bag or 1 lb baby carrots
broccoli 99 16oz pk
strawberries .99 16 oz
(you can get on their mailing list and get emails once a week of their sales too!)

Food Lion and Kroger can also be viewed online and always remember to look for in-store sales and markdowns and manager's specials!

IGA doesn't run an add every week, usually just the first of the month so they didn't have an add this week.

Kellogg Cereals 1.99
Bottom round roast 1.99
pork loins 1.69
rib eye 6.99 (Food Lion or IGA often run these for 4.99)
10 lbs leg quarters 4.29
ground beef 1.49
Wampler sausage 1.69
O.M. bologna 1.49 1lb
potatoes 50 lbs 6.99
cantaloupes 1.49
cabbage 4lbs $1
jumbo eggs .99
grapes .99
grapefruit 5lbs 1.99
(in store apples are 3lbs for 2.99)
Hormel 5oz meats-ham turkey chicken .99
Suddenly Salad 99
Inst potatoes .99
May-field Ice cream 2.99
Duncan Hines cake mixes .99
hamburger helper 4/$5
baked beans 4/$5
1/2 gal orange juice 1.69

Food Lion has whole chickens this week for 79 lb

Kroger has Smithfield bacon 2/6 (I think they have a nitrate free)
turkeys at .59
sockeye salmon 6.99
Perdue sl bl chicken breasts 1.99


Joy said...

Thank you so much!

Donna said...

You're very welcome!