Monday, April 12, 2010

The Frugal Stir Fry....

Who says a stir fry has to contain this vegetable and that vegetable?
Well, in your own kitchen- they can contain ANY vegetable!
This month's shopping trip left me with many several different veggies, fresh and frozen.
This stir fry had;
-one bag of frozen Broccoli Normandy, which is a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, and sliced carrots. (I think this is also called a Dutch Blend in some places.) This bag was like .89.
-a bag of green beans (cuz everybody likes green beans, right?) which cost me about .40 (after coupons and sale).
-an onion,
-and a few chopped peppers from the freezer; pennies.
-Oh, I tossed in some mushrooms, about half a container, .50.
-And the meat I had already frozen from my shopping trip, which was under $2 a pound.
(I also use chicken sometimes, especially when it goes on sale.)
I had pre-seasoned the meat with a little soy, cooking wine, ginger, and garlic.
I served this with a little extra soy, over brown rice.
-Another frugal meal, for about $5!-
*Depending on what you have on hand, what's growing in your garden, and sales that you find on meat and veggies, this can be made even more frugal.


Joy said...

We love stir frys!
I have never used cooking wine though, I have seen it called for in lots of recipes. Where would I get it and what is the brand?

Donna said...

I have found that the wine helps tenderize the meat and it enhances the other flavors too. You can always sub broth in recipes for it, and in some cases tomato sauce or juice is a good sub and works in similar fashion.

You buy it on the baking isle where oils etc are sold. I buy whatever I have a coupon for or the cheapest brand.

Cooking wines are HIGH in sodium so I have to watch my salt and seasonings when I use it ;-)

I love it added to Italian dishes! That's where it shines! (my opinion only there;)

Also, a little goes a long way so it will last and given that it is alcohol, it doesn't go bad.