Monday, April 12, 2010

Why mow, when you can have these....?

There's a hill on one side of my house that I always hate to see dh mow in the spring!
It is covered with these little violets and dandelions!

I hope to try this with them one day.

And make some dandelion fritters soon!


The Prudent Homemaker said...

I've HEARD of violet jelly!

I don't have that many violets yet. It might take a few years.

Did you know that you can dig those out and replant them somewhere else? In some flower beds by the front of the house, perhaps. They'll stay green until late fall.

Now in my lawn I have johnny-jump ups. They children have been ating them. I wonder what they woud think of jely made with those! They're not fragrant like the violets, though---but I would have enough of them!

Donna said...

Oh Brandy- do let me know if you try!

What a name- Johnny-jump-up-Jelly!
Your kids prolly would love it!

The entire hill at the side of my house is covered in these beauties! At the right time of day, the dandelions are more visable too and its very pretty.
I may have to try replanting some of them in the front- thanks for telling me!

There are some creeping phlox growing wild down the road and I wondered if they could be transplanted. I would like to have them in the front around the mailbox. And wherever else they might creep.:-)

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Go for it! Do it while it's cool; I do best with transplanting things in the evening. Then give it a thorough drink.

I have violets in my yard that were transplanted from a friend's yard. They seperate quite easily, too, so you get many little plants.

I told dh about this and he wondered how many violets it would take to make it!

Maybe later this year I will make rose petal jam.

Donna said...


The recipe calls for 2 cups I think, so it would take lots of them. My hill is full, but I'm not sure if its 'that' full! :-)

We collected some river rocks over the weekend and I hope to work them around the shrubs in the front...if I can get it right, I will try to transplant those violets around them, in front of the tiger lilies.

Joy said...

I checked that out and I would LOVE to try that too! I love violets!!

Donna said...

Joy,, I'm so antsy to try it! It looks sooooo pretty! Let me know if you do!