Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frugal Trellises, Works for Me....

I told my kids I had a "project" for them.....they were relieved to hear me say "fun project" but were still very skeptical because "project" usually implies a little work of some kind...perhaps they thought I was going to make them eat something weird?! Or clean?!? I dunno.
But- a couple of miles down our road is a wonderful place, that we simply call "the creek"!
Its surrounded by ridges and yes, it has a creek running through it. Lots of people from our county come out here and bring their horses and trail ride. Its also a great place for 4-wheeling. We always see 4-wheelers and rhinos out there, which the boys love to watch.
But this time I went on a mission....
...not only to see the beauty.....
...and play in the creek.....
....and cool our feet in the clear water.
This time I wanted to "harvest" a few things.
I sent the oldest two boys up the hill to get me some small branches...I'll show you why :-)

"Uh, boys, don't go so far that I can't see you cuz I don't think I could get up the hill to come find you!"
We had some wonderful company:
The younger kids wanted to build a dam in the creek with the river rocks:
This is my favorite of all the 80+ pics I took.
Don't you just love it when kids are kind and sweet to one another, and thoughtful without a reminder?!?! Here the bigger boys are trying to help the youngest get to where he can swing on a vine....
...and boy did he ever swing!
Tarzan #2:
Here's what I'm working on with some of those branches:
Frugal trellises for the garden!
(I know its a little rickety, but try to imagine what it will look like covered with a vine loaded with food! ;)
We also brought home some river rock to line the shrub bed and I had the boys dig some wild phlox and these other little tiny flowers to transplant in our shrub bed.
-and you know what? even with all the "work", the kids are begging to go back tomorrow!
'magine that?!
Our frugal weekend, making use of natural resources, enjoying God's creation, Works for Me!


The Household 6 Diva said...

What a wonderful frugal and eco-friendly way to create a trellis! Great idea!

PS I LOVE all the pictures!! This would be a perfect Mamarazzi Monday post! :)

Joy said...

great ideas LOVE IT!

looks great!

Donna said...

Thank you Diva- MM sounds fun!

Thank you Joy! We had a blast!

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