Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Ultimate Hamburger...

What makes this an ultimate hamburger? Well, the patties were made from roasts that I ground myself with the KitchenAid, they were also grilled!
This made for nice lean patties. (Tip: if you ever do this, I would suggest you leave any fat on the roasts and grind it into the meat as well. If you take out all of the fat, they cook up a little too dry.)
...and the buns...
My favorite homemade Buttermilk Buns!
=An ultimate hamburger!


Joy said...

Yum looks great! I would love to have a kitchenaid plus the grinder attachment. I have never made anything but roast out of roast! Sounds great!
Hope you all are well!

Donna said...

Joy, I got my KA years ago when they ran a special at Lowe's, which included a free attachment of your choice from the company. I'm SO glad that I picked the grinder! It can do fruits and veggies and now I'm doing meat.
Of course dh thinks its at its best for mashed potatoes! ;-)