Monday, April 5, 2010

Remember the fish sauce?

Remember the fermented fish sauce story?
Well- I thought it'd be fun to try and I do like to flavor things with
fish sauce but....after this stuff ATE THROUGH TWO LIDS, (just little
pin holes- but a hole is a hole!) and the smell remained- uhmm- loudly
fishy- and the eyes kept looking at me even though they looked different
(to put it mildly for those who REALLY don't want details).... I just couldn't
bring myself to keep it any longer! Maybe if it fermented longer it might
have gotten better but- I was running out of lids!

It was fun (to freak the kids out) while it lasted! ;-)
They worried when and how I was gonna make 'em eat this stuff, lol.
Methinks I will stick to FERMENTING VEGETABLES! :-)


Joy said...

LOL Don't blame you! fermenting fish just sounds scary to me! :)
My dh would have a cow if I did something like that! LOL

Donna said...

I think my dh would have normally been a little -uhm- concerned about it- but in this case, I think he was too amused at the thoughts that I might eat that, lol!